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  • germicidal fluorescent lamp with a power of 2x18W (manufacturer: OSRAM and PHILIPS)

  • air flow is ensured by ultra-quiet all-metal SUNON fans with VAPO bearings, with a maximum air flow of 62m3/h.

  • the electrical input of the device is 72 W

  • possibility of installing time clocks and remote control

  • lamp frame made in Slovakia

  • almost all components of the emitter are of EU origin

  • different colour versions of the cover available (a wide range of colours according to the RAL sample book)

  • the quality of the materials used and their permanent resistance to UV radiation or plastic degradation



Germicidal emitters are devices that have been used for a long time for effective and ecological disinfection of air, surfaces and water. Their use has been gaining importance of late, especially in relation to the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. Germicidal emitters use germicidal UV-C radiation to disinfect spaces and rid them of viruses, bacteria, moulds and mites. They are highly efficient, economical and ecological.

Germicidal radiation and its effects:

Germicidal radiation belongs to the spectrum of ultraviolet magnetic radiation – UV. Each part of the UV spectrum has different physical and biological effects.


We call UV-C radiation germicidal radiation because it is this radiation that most effectively destroys microorganisms:

viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, moulds and mites. Under the effect of UV-C germicidal radiation, the DNA of microorganisms is damaged, their reproductive system is harmed and then they die. The greatest germicidal effect is achieved by UV-C radiation at a wavelength of 253.7 nm.

The germicidal emitter from Aurora Medical has a unique appearance and a simple form of installation. The option of configuration on a surface, or embedded in a cassette or plasterboard ceiling.

How it works



Resistance to UV radiation

Ultra-quiet all-metal fans

Various color versions of the cover plate

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