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  • fast and effective hair removal treatment with high repetition rate (up to 20 Hz) and large scanning area (12x12mm)

  • high performance continuous wave diode – 600W

  • head cooling is handled by a so-called Peltier cell

  • a wide range of pulse width configurations

  • the lifetime of the diode head is up to 3 million pulses

  • integration with the client database – connectable software

  • remote device diagnostics

  • individual adaptation of the design (side panels, colour variants)

  • BLACK BOX security device

  • developed in Slovakia and manufactured in the EU

  • CE certification


How it works

The AURORA DIODE LASER is a fast, painless and effective hair removal method for all skin types.


The clinically proven wavelength of 808 nm provides enough energy to target the hairs for a precise and effective result, which is why it is considered the so-called the gold standard in the field of laser epilation. Thanks to these results, the diode laser has become one of the basic instruments of every aesthetic medicine clinic, or beauty salon. Our company offers a new generation of high-performance diode lasers of the Aurora Medical brand.

The technology of contact cooling allows the patient to feel no pain as well as safe treatment with no downtime. Cooling is provided by the so-called Peltier cell (one side of the cell reaches a temperature of -8°C and the other 50°C). The hot part is cooled by water, which is taken to the machine through a tube, which keeps the laser head cool. This laser reacts to pigment, so in the case of white hair, it is necessary to spend more energy to burn it.

The diode laser from AURORA MEDICAL provides permanent hair removal using laser technology with a high power of up to 600W, with a high repetition rate (up to 20 Hz) and a large scanning area (12x12mm). The pulse duration is from 10 to 800 ms and with sapphire contact cooling and an ergonomic handle. This enables predictable, reliable and repeatable results.

Laser epilation in principle means that the laser beam is absorbed by the pigment of the hair bulb. At this site, the laser energy is converted into heat and it destroys the bulb. The hairs are definitively destroyed only in the so-called growth phase (approx. 20-40% of hairs). For this reason, it is necessary to repeat the laser epilation several times. The total number of treatments required is individual.

The wavelength of the 808 nm diode laser guarantees a deeper penetration of thermal energy than with similar IPL devices. Compared to IPL, the results are faster (up to 50%) and longer lasting (up to 10x). The uniqueness of diode lasers, however, lies in their short pulse, which with higher energy can better target the required energy without damaging the surrounding tissue. The hair removal process, also known as SHR (speed hair removal), is up to 3-times faster and more effective than classic IPL and E-light technology.

Treated areas

  • Bikini line

  • Armpits

  • Forehead

  • Upper lip

  • Chest

  • Back

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • and other


  • Laser type: Diode

  • Wavelength: 808 nm

  • Maximum power: 600W

  • Pulse duration: 10 to 800ms

  • Repetition rate: up to 20Hz

  • Scanning area: 12 mm x 12 mm

  • Cooling system: sapphire glass system (50°C to -8°C)

  • Weight: net XY kg (main machine), gross XY kg (laser and accessory box)


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