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  • integrable reading device for dermatological lasers as an additional module

  • diagnosis of several types of skin growths and pigment lesions

  • classic dermatoscope recognises growths mainly based on images in the visible light area

  • the BLACK BOX device also collects photos from other areas of the light spectrum

  • skin analysis using selected wavelengths of visible light and near infrared radiation, using reflectance, absorption, fluorescence and polarization of light

  • surface mapping of birthmarks

  • diagnostic precision in pigment manifestations compared to clinical examination

  • a wider database of non-melanocytic lesions

  • enables the determining of which lesion needs to be extirpated


How it works

The BLACK BOX device can be integrated into any laser available on the international and European market, as well as into devices developed and manufactured by the applicant.


NO such or comparable device is available on the market today. The comparative advantage lies mainly in the increase in the applicability of laser medicine.

The smart dermatoscope enables the detection of malignancy of skin lesions using optical scanning followed by an assessment using a neural network. The dermatoscope scans the examined objects illuminated with light of wavelengths 405nm, 535nm, 650nm and 800nm. For lighting, a lighting module equipped with SMD LED diodes and an optical scattering element was constructed. The diffusing element has narrow-band optical filters built-in to ensure the most homogeneous illumination of the object being scanned and to prevent glare of the camera sensor. The intensity of the generated lighting is fully adjustable according to the current lighting conditions.

A Sony IMX477 sensor with the IR filter removed is used as the camera sensor, thus guaranteeing the possibility of capturing an object outside the visible spectrum. Thanks to this, the sensor is able to detect formations that cannot be seen with a standard dermatoscope.

A compact SBC is used for data collection, neural network analysis and user interaction. The SBC is connected via WiFi to a server, where it stores the recorded images and from which it updates the pre-trained model of the neural network. Time-critical control is provided by the STM32 processor. The dermatoscope is wireless to increase the doctor’s comfort. Power is provided by a 3600 mAh Li-Ion battery with an integrated charger. This gives it 15 minutes of battery life on a single charge, which is sufficient time for a standard examination.

The smart dermatoscope is also equipped with a second camera sensor, with a resolution of 8 Mpix and autofocus. The role of this sensor is to provide documentation of the wider surroundings of the investigated area. This photography is then transferred via the SBC via WiFi directly to the treatment card of a specific patient in the TELEMED system. Thanks to this, the doctor has the chance to observe the skin lesion over time and gets an overview of its development.

To increase comfort, the dermatoscope has a 3.2" full-colour TFT display built-in, which allows the doctor to more precisely navigate to the examined site.

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